‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Lamb Chops With Mint Sauce Recipe

The Pioneer Woman made a flavorful lamb dish. Here’s how to make Ree Drummond’s lamb chops with mint sauce recipe.

Ree Drummond’s lamb chops with mint sauce

Drummond starts by making a seasoning mix. The mix contains salt, pepper, ground coriander, cayenne pepper, and lemon zest. Drummond seasons the lamb pieces and lets them sit so they can absorb the flavor. While the lamb sits, she makes the mint sauce to go with the meal.

The Accidental Country Girl puts mint, parsley, a peeled clove of garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, anchovies, and salt in a blender. She drizzles olive oil while pulsing the mixture. Drummond says you can also use fresh basil if you don’t want to use mint. She says this is “unapologetically green sauce” and it’s perfect for lamb.  

Drummond cooks the lamb chops on a grill pan. Before she makes the lamb, she drizzles olive oil on the grill. Drummond grills the lamb chops for two minutes on each side so that they’re seared on the outside and tender on the inside. Once they’re done, she puts them on a plate and covers them with foil. You can find the complete ingredients and directions here.

Ree Drummond’s steak with creamed greens pasta

If lamb isn’t your thing, consider making Drummond’s steak with creamed greens pasta. Drummond starts by warming up butter and oil in a pan. While the pasta is cooking, she seasons the steaks. For this recipe, she uses strip steaks. Drummond says there is usually less fat with strip steaks than with ribeye steaks.

Drummond cooks the steaks for two to three minutes on each side until they’re medium rare. Once the steaks are done, Drummond takes them out of the pan and puts them on a cooking board. “I love letting steaks rest,” says Drummond. During her show, she says it’s interesting that her husband, Ladd, doesn’t like to let steaks rest. She says it’s likely because he wants to eat the steak right away.

“I’ve tried and I’ve tried for years to tell that man you’ve got to let [the steaks] rest because then the juices distribute, and the meat just looks perfectly cooked when you do,” says Drummond. “So, it’s something that Ladd and I have not been able to resolve in 25 years. So, I’ll keep you posted on how that’s coming,” she jokes.

For the next step, Drummond fries onions and garlic in the oil she used for the steak. She then adds tomato paste and crushed red pepper flakes. As the mixture cooks, the tomato paste coats the onions. Drummond stirs in white wine and cream. She then adds sliced kale, collard greens, and baby spinach.

Next, Drummond adds the pasta to the pan. She uses fettuccini for this recipe, but she says it’s also OK to use other types of pasta, like rigatoni. Drummond then adds a ladle full of pasta water. She says this helps make the sauce more “saucy.” Next, she adds fontina cheese and slices the steaks. Once the steaks are sliced, Drummond places them on top of the pasta.

For the finishing touch, Drummond sprinkles steak sauce and parsley. You can find the complete ingredients list and directions here.  

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