Tina Brown: Prince Harry is unbelievably arrogant & out of touch with reality

Tina Brown’s promotional tour for The Palace Papers has begun in earnest. I genuinely wondered how she would play the promotion in the UK versus America, and I suspected that she would go the Robert Lacey route, which is to say “embiggening the Cambridges in the British media and acknowledging that the Sussexes made some points in the American media.” Lacey ended up threading that needle pretty well. Brown is not threading the needle at all. She has her talking points and they are as simplistic and nasty as can be. I feel so bad because I was so wrong about Brown – she’s very much part of the sugary Windsor machinery now, and very much anti-Sussex. Her interview with Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast is pretty f–king crazy. This was done recently too, because Brown comments at length about Harry’s Today interview, where he spoke about wanting to see the Queen to ensure that she has the right people around her. Some unhinged highlights:

Harry’s comment about seeing that the Queen is properly “protected.” “When that came up on my phone I was just rocked. I sat there thinking, ‘This is unbelievably arrogant to the rest of the family.’ Where was Harry for the queen, during the pandemic? Where was he for the queen during the poignant waning days of Philip? Where was he for the queen at Philip’s memorial service? All he’s done is cause her tremendous anxiety and pain. And then he comes back and says, ’I’m here to see that she’s protected.’ It was a really deluded remark and I’m sure it sent the rest of the family off a ledge….Charles, Anne, Edward and William must be hopping mad. It just blows my mind that he’d say such a thing.”

On Harry’s Today comments about Diana & the Queen: “I think he is out of touch with reality. I think he has developed an enormously inflated ego and sense of himself [as evidenced by] his smirking comment about, ’I have such a special relationship with the queen.’ Frankly it’s all just really out of order and wrong. The queen is very, very fond of him but for him to laud his relationship with the queen, at a time when he should, frankly, be glad that she received him at all, seems really out of whack to me.“

On Harry & Meghan’s delusions: “They stoke each other with this illusion that they’ve been put on the earth to save the world. It’s a laudable goal, but wildly unspecific. Harry has an absolute winner with Invictus [the event for wounded servicemen he founded]. That’s the best thing he’s ever done. It works brilliantly and is noble and wonderful, but otherwise they’ve been sitting in Montecito for two years, making announcements. I just don’t think it behooves them to be lecturing anyone.”

William is triggered by Harry: “It’s been a great loss for William, I’m told. He is deeply, deeply saddened by it, but he won’t talk about it, because he is triggered by it. He had no idea that this could happen, that this would be not just a tiff or a falling out but a deep and bitter estrangement that seems to have no exit right now.”

Brown thinks Meghan hates England: “I don’t think Meghan ever wants to go back to England. I think she hates England. I think she feels England rejected her and she has rejected England and it’s not in her interest to return to England at all. I gather Harry has talked about having maybe some kind of mediator working with William, but honestly, I think the two brothers need to go down to the pub together, and embrace and have a shouting match and clear the air.”

Harry is the Spencer, William is the Windsor: “Harry was always thought to be a somewhat reckless and impetuous character but he’s proving to be more so as the years go by rather than less so. The Spencers are a hot-headed family. My feeling is that Harry is now all Spencer all the time and William has become a Windsor; he’s careful, he’s prudent, he’s considered, he’s calm, he’s a composed character who does a lot of thinking before he agrees to things. He’s always known his destiny and he’s embraced it. But Harry, you know, he just never got the memo that he’s the second son.”

Harry & Meghan are having a hard time in Montecito? “From my own reporting, I know that they have found it much harder than they expected to be out there as a freelance brand. Although the palace are quite frustrating, quite sclerotic, and quite old-fashioned, there’s nothing more persuasive than a phone call which begins, ‘This is Buckingham Palace here.’ Those calls can get you anything. They don’t have that support any more. They just have to rely on PRs they hire in California. And PRs they hire in California really don’t understand anything at all about royal mystique or charisma. And what they’ve done has greatly decreased their royal mystique and charisma—and it’s decreasing every day that they live in Montecito with a PR apparatus that is not the Palace.”

[From The Daily Beast]

“And PRs they hire in California really don’t understand anything at all about royal mystique or charisma…what they’ve done has greatly decreased their royal mystique and charisma…” Ah, yes, that’s what we just saw at the Invictus Games too, Meghan and Harry NOT being treated like rock stars, NOT having much charisma and not being able to make international headlines. So true! The point of the Sussexes moving to Montecito was not to increase their royal brand, it was to build a life for themselves apart from royalty altogether. Brown is making the same fundamental mistake that so many of those Salt Island nutters make, which is that they want to mock Harry for not knowing his place while simultaneously acting as if Harry is significant enough to bring down the entire monarchy. Anyway, Tina Brown is such a disappointment. I can’t believe she’s cozied up to those keen losers so hard.

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