Tiny & T.I.’s Daughter, 2, Shows Off Her Dance Moves In Hilarious New Video — Watch

We can’t handle her! Little Heiress is melting hearts yet again with adorable new Instagram footage. Don’t miss her epic dance moves!

Heiress Harris, 2, is such a ham and we can’t get enough of her! Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, 43, posted a hilarious video of her daughter on Dec. 9. with the little one wearing a purple onesie covered in pastel whales, her hair braided and beaded. She’s always such a cutie, but it’s Heiress’s personality that steals the show every time. Tiny and T.I.‘s daughter was dancing up a storm in this footage, standing on the couch while her mom filmed her. “Do this!” she said as she watched herself moving her bent arms up and down in a teeny mirror.

Then, the little one jumped off of the couch and onto the floor so she could attempt the Shoot. “I can’t do it!” she said, kicking her leg out behind her with her head down. But when she got the hang of the rhythm, she stood up straight and kept right on kicking. “See? I doing it!” She kept it up, a concentrated look on her face, while Tiny and everyone else behind the camera cheered her on. What a cutie! “How can I help but be obsessed,” Tiny captioned the video. “My Shunshine, My Tootie, our Lucky7 @heiressdharris. #She’sSoSmartSheAmazesMe #BestJobEver #MamasGirl.”

Tiny has been posting all kinds of silly videos of Heiress lately. Whether she’s fighting with her brother Clifford Harris, 14, over who was in their mom’s stomach first or pretending to sleep in the backseat of the car, the little one has clearly got such a fun personality.

T.I. loves showing off his youngest, as well! The rapper most recently posted a pic of little Heiress fast asleep in bed. And before that, the father/daughter pair were talking about how beautiful and strong she is. Aw!

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