Tupac's 'M.O.B.' Ring Being Sold for $95k

It’s no secret, Tupac Shakur was gang-affiliated — and a piece of his own jewelry collection confirmed it … one that’s now made its way back to the marketplace with a fat price tag.

The rapper’s very own gold ‘M.O.B.’ ring — as it’s known — is hitting the auction block this week, courtesy of Moments in Time … but it ain’t really gonna be up for bidding, but more so … just sold at a flat rate — first come, first served.

The going rate … a cool $95,000 — so you can definitely cop it if you can afford it. And hey, the value might be spot on — considering the late icon himself wore it on a handful of occasions, especially once he started hanging with Suge Knight and co.

For the uninitiated … M.O.B., in the Death Row Records context, mostly stands for Member of Blood — a street gang that Suge was certainly tied to in those days. M.O.B. can stand for other things — money over b****es, mafia, etc — but the Blood reference is most common.

It looks like Suge had a lot of his artists rock the M.O.B. rings back in the day — including Pac, who’s said to have usually worn it on his pinkie finger, and Snoop Dogg too (even though his roots are with the Crips). Anyhoo, this ring here was flashed quite often.

As for how it ended up in MIT’s hand … sources connected to the sale tell us Tupac actually gave this ring to a then-girlfriend he was seeing before his death … and it eventually made its way to a private collector over the years.

Now, that collector is taking it to Moments and trying to unload it once and for all. Like we said, a great buy if it’s in your budget — and if not … keep ya head up, you’ll get there!

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