TV Talk Podcast: Oscar And Emmy Seasons See Seismic Changes; Is This The Wave Of The Future?

As Hollywood continues to slowly and carefully reopen, Deadline’s TV Talk podcast this week focuses on what might happen not only in terms of production of movies and television, but also how both the Emmy and Oscar awards seasons are being deeply affected.

This week, the Motion Picture Academy moved the Oscars back two months to April 25, 2021, extended the eligibility dates by two months to February 28, and continues to upend longstanding rules for competing , as well as promising new standards of diversity in that regard too. Does anyone have the stomach for an eight-month awards season?

Meanwhile, the Television Academy, flush with more content to choose from that ever before, is upending things for its annual Emmy bash, canceling the Governors Balls, going virtual with the Creative Arts shows, and putting the September 20 primetime ABC broadcast in the hands of Jimmy Kimmel both as host and executive producer. We talk about all of these fast-breaking developments, what might happen to the traditional fall film festivals, and whether in the end change could actually be the best thing that could happen to either Academy, which both are dealing with record low ratings for their most recent ceremonies.

In addition, you will get to hear some of The Actor’s Side interview with three-time Emmy winner and The Handmaid’s Tale co-star Bradley Whitford.

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