UFC's Ilia Topuria Gets In Hotel Skirmish With Paddy Pimblett Over Offensive Tweet

Ilia Topuria and Paddy Pimblett — two rising stars in the UFC — threw punches and bottles in a wild hotel lobby altercation  … and it was all over an offensive tweet.

The skirmish went down just days before UFC Fight Night in London … where Topuria is slated to fight Jai Herbert, and Pimblett is set to face off against Rodrigo Vargas.

But it was Topuria vs. Pimblett on Tuesday … as the 11-0 Georgian fighter confronted him for crossing the line in a Twitter exchange last year.

The video is pretty nuts — Topuria walks right up to 17-3 Pimblett and appears to either throw an object or swipe at him. In response, Paddy throws a bottle.

The two then throw punches … but nothing seems to connect before Ilia is pulled away by his team.

FYI — “The Baddy” was called out for tweeting “Lad how stupid are these Georgians man … no wonder the Russians terrorize their lives” in April of last year.

Paddy later deleted the tweet and apologized … but it’s clear Topuria hasn’t forgotten about it, nor has he forgiven the 27-year-old.

Topuria, 25, posted the quick altercation on Instagram just minutes ago … saying, “I warned you! This is what happens when you disrespect me and my country!”

“You saw me and wanted to greet me because you s*** your pants … and you should thank my team because if it wasn’t for them separating me, I would have taken your head off.”

“This is not Twitter, this is real life!”

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