Was John Mulaney Cheating With Strippers? A Breakdown Of The Rumors

We don’t know whether to believe any of this, but we’ve found too often lately that where there’s smoke there’s fire — and the smoke is just getting into our eyes a little too much.

While the idea of long-sober John Mulaney relapsing was a shock, the more that comes out the more we realize we may not have been seeing the real him at all.

The popular stand-up came across as the nicest, most clean-cut guy. He also seemed like he was completely devoted to his wife, Annamarie Tendler; now out of nowhere he’s left her and is dating Olivia Munn, so who even knows?

Well, someone claims to…

PageSix has picked up a seemingly unverified rumor claiming Mulaney was cheating on his wife with a dancer at a strip club. Now, we’ll get back to that later, but first, let’s go with the oldest known online rumor. Nearly a year ago — months before the rehab — there was a blind item on celeb gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi that described a comedian/late night comedy show writer who came to a club and paid for sex. While the blind never revealed who the comic was, many believed it to be about Mulaney.

The dancer wrote into the account:

“He’s gross, I was so excited when I was told he was coming in the first time, I thought just to get lap dances but he slept with one of the dancers and my boss told me he sleeps with dancers whenever he’s around.”

Now, again, this was a blind item. As far as we know, nobody can even come close to confirming this is about Mulaney. We just know that quite a few people thought so. As for the “director of a movie” part — that doesn’t match up at all. However, there is the possibility the poster saw this IG post, in which Mulaney *jokes* about directing pal Pete Davidson‘s film The King Of Staten Island, and didn’t realize he was kidding:


A post shared by John Mulaney (@johnmulaney)

All that is pretty shaky speculation, right? Well, more recently, another person claiming to be a dancer from NYC specifically commented directly about Mulaney. Last week, a Reddit user came forward (anonymously of course) in a thread about the divorce, claiming they had personally slept with the SNL vet:

“I worked at a strip club in Manhattan for several years and met and hooked up with Mulaney on more than one occasion. He went by ‘Jack’. I’ve got no proof but I had to comment when I saw this thread lol”

She never gave her name, but she did answer questions. When someone asked if he was some kind of predator, she said the opposite:

“He’s actually really cool and normal. Took me a while to even realize it was him bc he wasn’t acting like ‘somebody’ and kind of just blended in with the friends he was with. It was a rly high end club so we didn’t have to deal with many sleazy ppl and he’s one of the coolest ppl I met. Wicked sarcastic but rly friendly too. Exactly what you’d think he’d be like.”

However, she isn’t about to let him off the hook — she says he was off the wagon AND openly cheating:

“That being said, he was definitely drinking and definitely never mentioned a wife. Did not hesitate to give me his number to meet outside of the club. He was always respectful to me so I could never call him a predator or anything, but I felt so awful once I found out he was married.”

After her comment was quoted in a Page Six article this week about Annamarie also having been in rehab, the commenter returned to the popular social forum to say she had actually been vetted a bit first:

“Someone DMed me to make sure I had his real phone number before this came out so I guess they decided I’m legit.”

Wow. Again, we cannot confirm any of this — we’ll leave it up to you whether you’re convinced by this account.

What do YOU think of the allegation??

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