XFL 2020: League signs former Steelers QB as first player

XFL signs Landry Jones as first player

The XFL just recently announced that Landry Jones is officially set to join the league. Jones spent five seasons in the league, all of them with the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, he only participated in a total of 19 games.

Landry’s career stats include 108-for-169 completed passes with eight touchdowns and 1,310 yards. He was also intercepted seven times and sacked nine times through his career.

The 30-year-old recently tried out with the NFL’s Detroit Lions. However, it appears he will give a go to the rebooted football league announced by WWE head honcho Vince McMahon in January of 2018. Jones was a major star in college football too. His collegiate career included 1,388-of-2,183 completions for 123 touchdowns and 16,646 yards at Oklahoma.

The XFL posted a video to announce the signing and welcome Landry Jones to the league.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck issued a statement regarding the addition of Jones to the league. In that statement, Luck said:

“We’re excited to welcome Landry to the XFL as our first player and first quarterback. He’s an accomplished athlete with outstanding college credentials and pro experience, and his heart and desire to play football epitomizes the type of individual we want in the XFL.”

Landry Jones’ team situation unclear

The interesting aspect of the Landry Jones XFL arrangement is that it’s unknown which team he’ll play for. The league debuts in February of 2020 with eight teams. They’ll include Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C. teams. So far, there are no team names or news of any draft.

The Landry Jones signing marks the league’s first announcement of a player joining the league, so more could be coming soon. There is currently some speculation that he could join the Dallas-based XFL team. It’s coached by Bob Stoops, who is Jones’ former college coach from the Oklahoma Sooners.

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