YouTube Has Officially Demonetized Shane Dawson

After more than a decade on YouTube, it looks like Shane Dawson’s days as a content creator on the platform are over. YouTube took action against Dawson on June 29, after he was linked to another round of lewd behavior and beauty guru drama. However, the YouTube community has been trying to get Dawson canceled for ages. The controversial creator has been accused of racism and lewd behavior multiple times over the years. A recent video of Dawson pretending to pleasure himself to a poster of an underaged Willow Smith appears to have been the last straw.

YouTube has demonetized all three of Shane Dawson’s channels

In light of Dawson’s recent drama, YouTube has taken pretty severe action. All three of Dawson’s channels, including Shane, ShaneDawsonTV, and ShaneGlossin have been demonetized indefinitely. YouTube generally reserves such punishment for content creators who repeatedly act out in inappropriate ways.

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For example, Logan Paul, who uploaded a video depicting a suicide victim in Japan, briefly had his ad revenue suspended. Paul removed the content and issued a public apology. YouTube eventually restored his ability to earn ad revenue. JayStation, who has six million followers, quit YouTube in a huff in February 2020 after YouTube demonetized him, according to Business Insider.

There is no word on when or ifDawson’s earning potential will be restored. Still, many within the communityare hoping YouTube takes a permanent stand against Dawson, who has used blackface,racial stereotypes and has often joked about pedophilia on his YouTube channelsand on his social media accounts.

Target and Morphe have also taken action against Dawson

YouTube is not the only company that has attempted todistance itself from Dawson and the drama he is accused of creating. Accordingto TubeFilter,Target has made the decision to remove Dawson’s books from their stores. Dawsonpenned two books, I Hate Myself, and It Gets Worse. I HateMyself was published in 2015. It Gets Worse was released thefollowing year. Both books made it to the New York Times Bestsellerlist.

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Morphe has also put distance between itself and Dawson. Morphe, best known for its makeup brushes, has removed Dawson’s collaborative collection from its website. The company has, however, not issued an official statement on the future of their relationship with Dawson. While the company may have made a decision when it comes to Dawson, they are sticking by Jeffree Star. Star’s collection is still available for purchase directly through Morphe. Star is accused of being at the center of Dawson’s drama with the beauty guru community.

Shane Dawson is losing followers quickly  

The drama for Dawson doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Not only has he lost deals and been demonetized, but now everyone within the beauty community is weighing on his behavior, and he is losing viewers and followers by the second. Tati Westbrook, who was embroiled in drama with James Charles last year, uploaded a 40-minute video addressing inflammatory and manipulative behavior she claims Dawson and Star engaged in.

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On YouTube, Dawson’s main channel, Shane, has lost nearly 1 million subscribers in the last 12 hours. On Twitter, his follower count plummeted from almost 12 million followers to 9 million followers in the same timeframe. He isn’t fairing much better on Instagram. According to Social Blade, Dawson has lost more than 350,000 followers over the last 30 days.

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