Zara McDermott recalls crying in restaurant as Sam refused to make romance official

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson have spoken openly about their relationship troubles, with Zara admitting that her beau once made her cry in a restaurant.

Relationships, in general, come with hurdles, and celebrity dating is no different, with both Zara and Sam admitting that things are not always easy.

Zara, who made her break on the fourth season of Love Island in 2018, recalled her first weekend getaway with Sam at Champney’s Spa.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, the 30 year old former Made in Chelsea star said: "I remember it very well, Zara basically forced me to ask her out, she was like 'Are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?'"

"I mean, I thought we'd gone on a romantic spa weekend, it was a perfect time," Zara, 25, replied.

But such things weren’t on Sam’s mind by all accounts, as he said: "I didn't have that mindset, I just thought 'This is really nice, we're just on a really nice trip'.

"We were having dinner and she went 'Are you going to ask me out or are we just going to sit here?' originally, I was taken aback and went 'No, I'm not' and I saw her get upset.

"I thought 'to be fair, I do want to be with her, I'm now just being stubborn'."

Zara added: "I was just crying.”

"I've realised, it's flowers when they don't expect it, that's the main thing, if they do expect it, it's not that much of a big deal,” Sam, who has had numerous stints on Celebs Go Dating, said before adding that Zara “loves a handwritten card.”

Despite the hurdles, Sam and Zara’s relationship is going strong, with Sam telling OK! That he is constantly findings new things out that make him fall for her all over again.

He explained: "She really is one hell of a woman. Seeing her career go from strength to strength, with all these documentaries and TV shows and campaigns, makes me so unbelievably proud.

“I used to think that the longer you’re with someone, there’s a higher chance of becoming too comfortable with one another and a bit too settled, but with Zara it’s the complete opposite.

“I’m constantly discovering new things about her that make me fall in love with her more. It’s so cool. Her passion is so attractive.”


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