Add fun to the festivities with Christmas woolly while raising cash for Save The Children

This Friday is Christmas Jumper Day, when people in workplaces and schools can don their novelty knits in return for a donation to Save The Children.

And there are bags of choice in stores and online, from full-on festive finds to more subtle knits.

We asked the Barton family from North London to give their ­opinions on some of the patterned pullovers, from full-on cheese to mid-range and chic.

Mum Emma, dad David, both 41, Maisy, six, and ten-year-old Eddie tried out the designs and rated each out of five.

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Emma, 41

“It’s all so pretty and feminine. I like how versatile the style is – I don’t feel silly in it.”

  • Jumper, £28, Next
  • Skirt, £95, French Connection
  • Heels, £25.99, New Look


David, 41

(My fave)

“This is my usual style, I’ll wear a similar one on Christmas Day.”

  • Jumper, £17.99, H&M
  • Trousers, £20,
  • Trainers, £19.99, New Look


Eddie, 10

(My fave)

It’s fun how it changes from a snowman to a penguin by stroking the sequins”

  • Jumper, £14.99
  • H&M; jeans, £27.95
  • Joules; boots, £30, Next


Maisy, 6

“I love the pretty sequins and really like the stars.”

  • Jumper, £9.99. H&m
  • Dress (as skirt), £19.99, H&M
  • hairband, £8, John Lewis
  • shoes, £15, Next




“A cosy hood but style is a bit much. For full-on festive fans only.”

  • Jumper,£30, Next


“I love that it lights up – great for Christmas parties. I’d wear this to the pub.”

  • Jumper £16, Primark; hat, £12


“I hate this jumper, especially the silly feet.”

  • Jumper, £16, Next; hat, £11.99,


“I thought it was a monkey but it’s a sloth – it’s funny and lights up when I jump.”

  • Jumper£6, hat, £3, both Primark



(My fave)

“It’s so jolly and happy, I can see myself wearing this every day over Christmas – and beyond.”

    • Jumper £29.50, M&S
    • Hairband, £8


“I like how silly this is and how well the Santa’s beard blends in with mine.”

  • Jumper, £17.99, H&M


The bobble nose is fun, and looks good with the trousers. I could wear this to school.”

  • Jumper, £15, Next;
  • Hat,£5, Primark


(My fave)

“Sequins are my favourite. This looks so pretty.”

  • Jumper, £20, John Lewis
  • Hairband, £3, Primark


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