All you need to know about the big O to celebrate National Orgasm Day

TODAY should be a thrill a minute – it’s National Orgasm Day, oooh yes, yes, yes it is.

But women might not be quite as excited as men, as it seems there is a pleasure gap between the sexes.

While fellas feel fulfilled 66 per cent of the time they make love, women get lucky just one romp in two, a survey by sex-toy firm Lelo found.

Nearly one in three women admit they fake climax.

Here, we have fun facts about the big O, from singer Sting’s claims of seven-hour tantric rumpy, to film siren Meg Ryan’s table-for-oooh restaurant scene . . . 

It is possible for a woman to have a super-orgasm – where they thrill 100 times in a row – if sex is combined with yoga and deep tantric breathing.

One prolific lass had a world-record 134 climaxes in a single hour, as clocked up by the diligent boffins at the Centre for Marital and Sexual Studies in California.

Chart-topper Sting bragged in 1990 of those sweaty all-nighters with partner Trudie Styler – but later admitted they took time out for dinner and a movie.

Leading lady Meg Ryan’s epic, shout-out-loud faked climax in a crowded eaterie in 1989 rom-com flick When Harry Met Sally – when a flabbergasted fellow female diner remarks, “I’ll have what she’s having” – is arguably the most famous Hollywood orgasm.

A heavy-duty loinbuster can last for a thunderous two minutes, or about the time it takes to boil a kettle, Czech psych-ologists reckon.

A French term for the magic moment is “la petite mort” – meaning little death.

The age-old excuse “I’ve got a headache, darling” does not wash with many partners, and least of all the International Headache Society – which reckons satisfaction in the sack can help mend a migraine.

The most thrilling sex goes on in Norway, where a survey found 35 per cent of respondents claimed to climax daily. The global average is twice weekly.

Dutch boffins found orgasms shut down the area of your brain that processes fear, so you really do lose control and reason in the throes of passion.

The biggest Os are experienced by people aged 36 and over, reveals a study by birth-control app Natural Cycles.

Redheads then blondes – such as Meg Ryan – get the most trips to sexual heaven.

Multiple climax is real. An eye-popping study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that out of 800 female college students, 43 per cent reckoned they regularly went there.

The hotly debated G-spot does exist, scientists assure us.

No amount of sneezing will get you over the line – or even an eighth of the way there.

Women can hit heights men never do because they have four pleasure zones on their body, while fellas are more one-trick.

Youth may not mean night after night of ten-out-of-ten passion. A national survey found that of sexually active 16 to 21-year-olds, more than a third of blokes struggled with sexual problems and 44 per cent of women.

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