ASOS launches inclusive shoe collaboration for tall women – going up to size 13

Shoe shopping as a taller-than-average woman on the high street can be a struggle.

Some brands stop their offering at size 7, while other stock far more limited numbers of sizes above that.

But as of later today, shopping for that demographic is going to get a little easier.

ASOS is launching a collaboration with TTYA London, an inclusively-sized fashion and footwear brand.

These aren’t just basic or practical shoes that lack flare and style – there are statement and dressy options too.

There’s thigh-high boots, smart flats, stiletto heels, all in a range of bold colours.

All shoes in the launch will run from size 4 to 13, which is the broadest range of women’s shoe sizes that ASOS has stocked before. Prices start from £30, making the range accessible too.

TTYA, which stands for Taller Than Your Average, was founded by Irene Agbontaen to address a clear gap she saw in the market.

Starting as a studio stylist in ASOS, in 2013 she launched the label and has now returned to the brand for this collaboration.

Speaking to, the 5’11 designer says: ‘The TTYA ethos was built around an inclusive space for the excluded girl.

‘I started the brand out of sheer frustration, never really fitting into the fashion conversation.’

It’s a frustration many women can identify with.

She believes it’s not a case of women who need larger shoe sizes being forgotten, rather it’s just not business savvy to cater to them.

‘Expanding into the bigger sizes isn’t always cost effective for business, so companies would rather stick to the key sizes they know will reach the masses and sell,’ she says.

‘However, the old ratio buying formula just doesn’t work anymore as the larger sizes always sell out first. 

‘For brands to become truly inclusive they need to start thinking outside the box and ignore the old model.

‘The importance of inclusivity within retail has become a priority for so many brands now.’

Inclusivity is the key pillar in her brand, and it’s a message ASOS separately are increasingly pushing with various expansions to size and style offerings.

Wanting to ‘give customers the confidence to be whoever they want to be’, Irene believes shoes are a good place to start.

ASOS X TTYA London will launch October 11.

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