Babies with these names are most likely to be rich and famous… and it really pays to go traditional

ARE you setting up your child for success? The answer may be down to their name. 

A new study has looked at 20,000 celebrity monikers to reveal the top three boys and girls names that are destined for fame, and it seems sticking to tradition is key.  

If you want to give your little one the biggest chance of celebrity status, you may want to call your child John, if they are a boy, or Kate, if they are a girl. 

These names were the most frequent names that popped up in the study of A-listers, conducted by Flowercard. 

After John, which had 546 celebrities with the moniker, Robert (450) and James (396) also made the top three famous men. 

For women, Kate (232) was followed by Elizabeth (175) and Anne (160).


  1. John (546 celebrities)
  2. Robert (450)
  3. James (396)
  4. Michael (393)
  5. William (389)
  6. Richard (297)
  7. David (274)
  8. Tom (227)
  9. Chris (204)
  10. Steve (191)

Source: Flowercard


  1. Kate (232 celebrities)
  2. Elizabeth (175)
  3. Anne (160)
  4. Mary (118)
  5. Margaret (113)
  6. Jennifer (105)
  7. Laura (95)
  8. Julie (92)
  9. Patricia (91)
  10. Susan (88)

Judging by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Hudson, John Travolta, James Brown and Robert Downey Jr, these names might not be a bad place to start.

On the flip side, you might want to avoid calling your child something unusual like Wentworth, Victory or Horatio, as these names were not common in the list. 

The research looked into the professions of TV and reality stars, musicians and actors, and revealed the names which are most likely to take up these jobs.

So you could your baby be the next John Legend or Kate Winslet?

Meanwhile, these are the most searched for baby names of 2020 so far – including Luna, Leo and Levi.

And these are the ‘retro’ baby names predicted to be popular this decade – including Ruth, Helen and John.

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