Bodybuilding single bloke gets called a ‘racist, misogynistic, delusional muscle head’ as he poses in his pants on Tinder

SO THE saying goes, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince and as this Tinder profile proves, there are plenty of frogs out there.

A body builder has been dubbed ‘racist’ and ‘misogynistic’ after his half naked profile was shared on Twitter.

Zoe, from Essex, shared screenshots of Kirk’s profile with her followers last week which have since amassed over 26,000 likes.

Captioning the images she wrote: “I thought I’d give Tinder a go but honestly, it’s fully put me off dating.”

In his profile 27-year-old Kirk can be seen posing for a mirror selfie with his tracksuit bottoms around his ankles.

His Tinder bio reads: “I have 3 rules.. Rule 1, I don't want to be step dad so no kids unless u have just one, I want my OWN thanks (sic)”

Continuing his list of shocking requirements he says “In Rules 2, if you date black boys or think about it don't even text me.

“Rule 3, I don't want a time waster or someone who is a bum .. go make your own money u lazy f***s (sic)”



Describing himself he says: “I have my own 2 bed flat I bought, I body build, I have a German shepherd, I eat a lot, I don't take s***.”

He finally ends with “Good luck girls.”

Zoe’s tweet has received hundreds of comments from outraged men and women.

One wrote: “Dear men, This is Kirk. He a narcissistic, racist, misogynistic, delusional muscle head. DON’T BE LIKE KIRK.”

Another commented: “I’m going to screen shot this for when my relatives ask me why I’m still single.”

“Profile pic with trouser round his ankles….thats how my 3year old son goes for a wee (sic)” joked another.

Another cheeky Twitter user wrote: “Wow. What a catch! Maybe drop the rules instead of the pants, Kirk.”

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