Bride brutally tells her two best friends they can’t be her bridesmaids because they won’t look good in crop tops

A BRIDEZILLA has been branded ‘horrible’ for telling her closest friends they can’t be bridesmaids because they won’t look good in a crop top.

A deluded bride has asked for advice over how she can tell her two BFFs they won’t be in her bridal party because of how they look. 

The spoilt bride-to-be has settled on crop tops as the look for her ‘dream’ wedding, but decided her nearest and dearest had to be ditched from bridesmaid duties as they don’t suit the style.

The woman wrote a message to her ‘friends’, trying to find the best way to tell them the ‘vision’ of her wedding meant more than their friendship.

She explained: “So I have two amazing women in my life but I’m not sure my vision for my bridesmaid dress is appropriate for them

“So I’m trying to figure out how to express to them I’d love for them to be my ‘bridesmaids’ without them actually being bridesmaids.”

Her cruel text was shared to Reddit, where it’s racked up hundreds of shocked comments.

The bridezilla wrote: “I want you to know you play a very important in my life [sic].

“Your love and support for me does not go unnoticed.

“You’re the person I’d dream of having beside me on my day.

“But before I can ask because my wedding is my dream my vision and unfortunately the outfit I have chosen I don’t know how you would feel about wearing.

“It’s a crop top. 

“I myself don’t feel comfortable in that so I didn’t wanna ask and put you in a position you felt uncomfortable. 

“And instead of standing beside me I would love to ask you to photograph with me (which we would of regardless) and ask you to sit in the front row on my side.

This is exactly saying ‘your too fat to be in my wedding'

“Because regardless of bridesmaid you’re still my ‘family’.”

Just in case anyone suggested something like changing the bridesmaids’ outfits, she clarified: “And no I don’t want alternative options for outfits.

“And no I don’t want to mix and match.” 

Her scathing text has been slammed online, with people claiming her two friends should ditch her.

One person said: “This woman is ridiculous. She is basically saying a specific outfit is more important than her friends.”

Another asked: “A crop top?!??! Why would someone pick something that they wouldn't be comfortable wearing themselves? 

“This is like saying sorry your too fat to be in my wedding but I love you anyway.” 

A third commented: “This is exactly saying ‘your too fat to be in my wedding.’

“Lol I love how she acts like she’s being sensitive to their comfort and then doesn’t offer that if they’re comfortable in a crop top they can be bridesmaids. 

“This is truly some of the shallowest s**t I’ve ever seen.”

While this person added: “Imagine picking your bridesmaids to go with the outfit you want instead of picking an outfit to flatter the people you want.”

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