Bridezilla slammed for making cash-strapped friends pay £1k each to attend lavish five day hen do abroad during pandemic

A BRIDE has been slammed as ‘cheeky’ for expecting her bridesmaids to shell out £1k for a hen party abroad, when travel is uncertain due to the pandemic. 

One bridesmaid was taken aback by the expensive plan, and felt it was asking too much when she’d not been able to go on holiday with her friends or family over the past year. 

She explained the bride, one of her ‘good friends’, was demanding they all have go away for the bash next summer.

Sharing her dilemma to Mumsnet, she said: “I am a bridesmaid for a good friend who is absolutely insisting on having a 4/5 night hen party abroad in the summer holidays next year. 

“Like the majority of us, I have been unable to get away with my OH or family due to the pandemic and I'd rather prioritise my family. 

“The cost is looking to be in the region of £1000PP by the time we factor in the holiday cost, spending money and all the added extras that come with hen parties. (The brides DM is covering the brides cost)

“I just think with everything that we have all gone through over the last year, it would be far better to hire out a lodge with hot tub etc and have a great time in the UK at a 1/4 of the cost.”

She added that extra uncertainty due to the pandemic meant she was wary any plans, including the wedding itself, would be able to go ahead.

The bridesmaid added: “If the wedding itself was abroad then that would be completely different, but I think it's a bit much just for a hen weekend.”

After getting some advice online, she voiced her concerns in a group chat, but the bride’s mother shut her down. 

I am a bridesmaid for a good friend who is absolutely insisting on having a 4/5 night hen party abroad in the summer holidays next yea

The beleaguered bridesmaid wrote: “We have a group chat and when I voiced my concerns (along the lines of ‘look, I can't take 6 days off work for a hen party when I'm already taking 2 days off for the wedding and I also can't afford to spend £1000 on a jolly abroad because we are in the process of house hunting’.

“I was basically told by the grooms mother that I have a year to save for it, and the bride ‘desperately wants to go abroad, no ifs or buts’.”

Her drama has racked up nearly 1,000 comments, as people branded the bride ‘cheeky’ and her demands ‘outrageous’. 

One person wrote: “That is outrageous price per person for a hen party. My family aren't coming to afternoon tea for my hen because they said it's too expensive, they'd pass out if they knew your bride LOL!”

Another commented: “Say you won’t be able to go. And you hope she has a lovely time. Maybe meet up and see the pics when she gets back. Cheeky bloody mare!”

A third wrote: “Keep repeating back ‘I’ll try, but I’m not committing to anything just in case. Hopefully we can have a party for you in the U.K. too for any of us who can’t make it”’.” 

While this person advised: “Just keep saying, I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you.

“You’ve gone into details once. That’s enough. It’s also very cheeky to assume that everyone has money store at the end of each month to save for this purpose.”

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