Can you get a tattoo while pregnant? | The Sun

TATTOOS are a popular form of body art which people like to get to express themselves.

However, would getting one risk the health of your baby during pregnancy? This is what we know.

Is it safe to get tattoos while pregnant?

It isn't advisable to get a tattoo whilst pregnant.

The reason is because of the risk of infection, as a fresh tattoo is essentially an open wound.

Also, if the tattoo artist used by the mother is using a dirty needle, she could be at risk of contracting a bloodborne virus.

They would then pass the infection on to the baby, which could be extremely harmful.


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It is also possible that the chemicals in the dye may affect the development of the baby during the first 12 weeks.

Because very little information is available about the effects on the infant, it is advised against.

Do tattoo shops ask if you’re pregnant?

Tattooists are legally bound to ask questions about health,because tattooing can have serious implications for people with certain health conditions.

This is so that they are covered in the event that you are pregnant.

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Many tattoo shops would make you sign a waiver if pregnant, so that they do not have to assume liability if anything goes wrong.

 All studios are also meant to provide aftercare recommendations and contact information for questions.

Can you get a tattoo 4 weeks postpartum?

It is advised that mothers wait between 9-12 months before getting a tattoo.

The reason for this, is that before this period, is that the child is dependant on breast milk.

The milk could be infected, passing the illness from the mother to the baby.

Another reason is that skin changes during this time. The mother has held a baby in her womb almost a year, meaning the skin has stretched to accommodate it.

This means that if the mother has a tattoo during this period, it might not look the same afterwards, through loss of weight, deforming the shape of the tattoo.

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