Crocs with their own mini bum bags attached are the stuff of shoe nightmares

THE Marmite of all fashion trends, Crocs, are at the centre of yet another fierce style debate as a new addition to the foam shoes has sparked controversy online.

Previously embellished with clip-on jewels, lined fur insoles and even made into a high heels, the clogs have left Twitter in uproar as the latest update sees mini bum-bags attached to the shoe's strap.

Released as a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Beams, the bum-bag Crocs have become one of the most talked about spring trends over night – as well as the most hated.

The shoes are available in a bright teal with a purple strap pouch, or in reverse – a purple sandal and teal bum bag, with the name of the brands printed across the little zipped pocket.

Thought to add another element of practicality to the shoes by being able to carry around small items, the handy extra has been slammed by thousands online.

"Crocs, cargo shorts, a bum bag and you're ready for summer – but the bum bag is for all the extra condoms that you won't be needing," one person joked.

Waiting till the next model- crocs with a flask. Lol (surprised no one has done it yet. Lol)

— David?‍??? (@fatbass73) April 30, 2019

Crocs, cargo shorts, a fanny pack and you're ready for summer (the fanny pack is for all the extra condoms you won't be using).

— Tristan Suede (@psonicsuede) April 29, 2019

"Remember that time I said Crocs could not be worse?" another user agreed. "Feast your eyes on this. That's right. Bum Bags."

While a woman simply added: "Crocs with bum bags exist now. Avert your eyes!"

Others joked they were looking forward to the new release, confessing they were supporting the new trend despite the overwhelming hatred towards the launch.

One Twitter user even asked her followers to purchase the shoes for her, saying: "Somebody please buy me those Crocs with bum bags on them."

Luckily for many of us, the sandals, which have been named the Bespoke Pocket Crog and cost £41, are only available in Japan via the Beams website.

It's not the first time this year that Crocs have had a revamp, with Instagrammer Chris Snyder debuting a pair of 'Goth Crocs', featuring spikes and chains for a darker feel.

They were sold online for just over £190 a pair – and became so popular that even rapper Lil Tracy wore a pair, with stylists for the rich and famous also enquiring about the shoes.

In other  news, a shopper has slammed PrettyLittleThing for fuelling women's insecurities after finding her dresses had been labelled with the wrong size.

While Fashion Nova has been mocked for a VERY booby Latex playsuit which looks like a Twizzler sweet.

And doctors have warned women to stay away from platform sandals this summer as they can cause havoc with ankles.

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