Dad comes up with brilliant hack to stop daughter climbing the stairs after she figures out baby gate

SHE mastered the baby gate and kept climbing up the stairs every two minutes.

So one dad came up with an ingenious way to stop his little girl from getting up the stairs – using a fold-up table.

Jeremy took to TikTok to share a video of his daughter trying to make her way up the stairs, but being unable to because she couldn't climb up the slippery table.

"When the baby gate doesn’t work and I’m tired of getting her off the stairs," he wrote on the video.

And he added in the caption: "Yes that is a card table."

His hack was quickly praised by other parents, many of whom suggested he needed to patent a product that does the same job and get it on the market.

"You need to market this," someone wrote, to which Jeremy replied: "Now that’s a good idea."

'Brilliant! PATENT THIS QUICKLY!" another person agreed, while someone else added: "This is genius tho."

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"Two birds!!! She also gets a workout from it. She’ll fall asleep fast!" someone else wrote, with Jeremy responding: "Lol went right to sleep.

"The workout plus the frustration lol."

Following the enormous response to his hack, Jeremy took to the comments section and wrote: "Thank you everybody for the advice and support.

"This is just a card table for now, but I am looking into actually getting a product developed!"

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