Dad shares his sneaky trick that means he always gets out of changing nappies – but gets slammed as cruel | The Sun

CHANGING nappies is not the most pleasant of jobs as a parent, and one dad has revealed how he gets out of it every time.

The man confessed to pretending to change nappies, so it would be “his partner’s turn” next time a poop occurred.

He wrote: “Unethical life hack.

“When you become a parent, smell your babies diaper.

“If you DON’T small poop say, ‘woah somebody has a poopy diaper!’

“Then take them to the other room and pretend to change them.

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“The next time they poop, tell your spouse ‘it’s your turn, I changed them last time.’”

The confession was shared on the @thelkshow TikTok page with the caption: “You will never have to change a diaper again.”

Although it has racked up over 65,000 likes, many people slammed the dad.

One person wrote: “Beginning of the end of a marriage.”

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A second added: “I know this is a joke… but people who are bothered by changing their own kids are sad.”

And one joked: “It's all fun and games till they say ‘don't worry honey i will do it’.”

Meanwhile, a fourth person commented: “Honestly changing nappies is the easiest part of having a baby. 

“Never understood fathers that refuse to do it.”

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