Dedicated husband turns himself into a 'human chair' when no one gave up their seat for his heavily pregnant wife

THIS is the heartwarming moment a dedicated husband let his heavily pregnant wife sit on his back when she couldn’t get a seat at a hospital. 

The trending video shows the mum-to-be appearing to be too tired to stand outside of a consultation room in China. 

While many people are sitting on seats nearby, not one of them offers to give up their seat for the struggling woman. 

In order to help his wife, her partner sits on the floor and motions for her to lean against him

The woman is then able to take the weight off her feet and sit on his back while holding onto a rail on the wall. 

The sweet husband can then be seen passing his wife a water bottle to make sure she is not thirsty. 

The clip was posted by the Hegang police, situated in the province of Heilongjiang in north-eastern China, who criticised onlookers for not helping. 

The adorable footage has racked up over seven million views with many praising the husband for his efforts. 

One said: “A good man and good husband from China.”

Another added: “I felt ashamed of myself while watching the man sitting down. I didn't treat my wife so well when she was pregnant.”

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