Devastated student claims new automatic curlers left her with bald patch after ripping out chunks of her hair

Student Chloe Carr received the Remington Keratin Protect auto curler from her grandma for Christmas.

Using them for the first time before a big night out, the 19-year-old says instead of giving her ‘healthy looking curls’ it left her with a bald patch.

The website claims the product works by "drawing hair into the ceramic curling barrel, gently heating and curling hair”, but Chloe says it kept on sucking in her hair and wouldn’t release it.

She said: “I went through all the instructions and it said not to use more than 3cm of hair at a time.

"I was trying to do it with that amount, and my hair kept getting caught in it. It was coming up with an 'ER2' error message.

"It said if the error came up, it meant you had too much hair in there, so I started using smaller portions.

"I put my hair into the curler and pressed the button.

"It got caught again, so I pressed the error button but it didn't let it go but pulled it in tighter.

"It was pulling more hair in from other areas.

"Every time I tried to release the hair or reset the error, the curler would suck up more and more hair leaving the curler pressed directly against my scalp.”

Chloe, from Bradford, says a huge chunk of hair was ripped out the back of her head, and was left with a pile of hair in her hands.

She called it ‘humiliating’, and cancelled her night out after her hair disaster.

Chloe, who studies fashion business management, said: “I was screaming. It was really painful.

"I was so embarrassed I didn't want to show anybody. I just stayed at home and cried.

"I was quite concerned about it burning my scalp because it was quite hot.

"I turned the temperature down but I could hear it pulling the hair out of my head.

"I didn't want to turn them off because then I couldn't press the error button.

"It's still a bit tender but bearable; it's embarrassing more than anything.

"I just want this to be a warning to others.

"With the pain and trauma it's caused me, I just don't want it to happen to anyone else."

She immediately complained about the curlers, which her Gran had bought from Debenhams for £45, down from £90.

Remington are in the process of "reviewing" Chloe's complaint and are in touch with her following the ordeal.

Sarah Harding, marketing manager at Remington said: "Customer satisfaction and experience is of the utmost importance to us.

"We're therefore disappointed to hear about Ms Carr's experience.

"We have been in correspondence with the customer and are reviewing her feedback as a priority."

Remington said they were “reviewing” Chloe’s complaint.

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