DIY whizz reveals how to stop pesky draughts and cut down on your heating bills & it only costs 30p | The Sun

WITH the winter cold still going strong, a man has shared one of his helpful tricks to keep the warmth in your home – and it costs as little as 30p.

TikTok user Mitch says it’s so effective, it could even help curb your spending and save money on bills. 

Mitch, who runs a social media account dedicated to home improvements called @fixitwithmitch, uploaded a recent video letting his followers into a little secret.

In the caption, he said: “How to stop those pesky drafts and save on your heating bills.”

The keen DIY fan then explained how others could follow in his footsteps and ensure that the heat doesn’t escape their home. 

He explained: “It’s cold this morning, let’s figure out how to make it warmer.”

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Mitch then told his 6000 plus followers to head to their bedroom – a common problem area. 

He continued: “Go to an exterior wall and feel around the outlet.”

The social media user then zoomed in on a plug point, as he revealed he’d felt a cold draft coming from it.

He went on to say: “Now, if you’re like me, you’ll notice there is a breeze coming through that outlet right there.

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“Well, it turns out, the outlets on exterior walls are one of the primary ways that drafts come into the house.” 

So how can this be fixed once and for all? 

Mitch revealed that these can be filled in slightly to prevent the cold air from entering your home. 

And all you need to do to achieve that is buy a packet of foam outlet insulations, available from online retailers like Amazon in bulk and costing around £8 for 26 – around 30p for each one. 

He continued: “I popped over to Amazon and found these – $10 for 26 of them.

“You can use it to insulate your outlets.”

Mitch then demonstrated how the cheap material could fix the issue, as he took off the top of the plug point with a screwdriver to investigate the problem further.

He went on: “There’s pretty much wind coming through this outlet.

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“So you take the little guy, screw it on there and then you screw it back in.

“Pretty sure you can do this whether you rent or own and it’s a nice way to save your heating bill this winter.”

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