DNA test revealed dad isn’t my biological father – mum kept it secret for 30 years & even let him raise me after split

A GIRL and her dad were left rocked by a DNA test that shockingly revealed he wasn't her biological father like they both were led to believe.

The girl decided to surprise her mum, who was adopted, and order her an ancestry kit so she could trace her biological family. She bought one for her dad too, but never imagined the results would reveal a 30-year long secret.

TikTok user @sincerelysapphic shared her story online, in a video that has been watched over 95k times, as she reached out to others who may have been through a similar situation.

She explained that she and her dad found out at the same time that he wasn't her biological father – something her mum knew but chose not to reveal and kept to herself for three decades.

"Orders an ancestry kit to find my mum's biological family (she was adopted). Buys dad a kit to rule out his side of relatives from hers," the girl says in the minute-long clip.

"Months go by where I think my dad forgot to take the test and I ask him when he plans to. He lets me know he already did it.

"I sign on and search his name to find out he's not my DNA match."

Wanting answers, the girl confronted her mum, who left her to be raised by her dad when her parents split, only to be told the revelation was in fact true.

"I confront my mum to find out she has the story and his name. She kept that secret 30 years and also left my dad to raise us a single father when we were kids," she revealed.

"Found this out this last week and have had trouble coping with the news. Never felt so betrayed."

Despite being floored by the news, the girl insisted she will always consider her dad to be her real father and told viewers she was "grateful" he had raised her.

She said: "I'm grateful for the man who raised me and he will be the only one I ever consider my father. But what the heck?!

"I hope one day I can laugh at this. I'm working toward healing and forgiveness."

Hundreds of people who came across her post reached out to the girl, as they commented on her video.

Responding to one viewer, the girl revealed her dad's sweet reaction to news they weren't biologically related.

A viewer had commented: "He must be just as shocked as you. I am so sorry for this crazy messed up scenario you now find yourself in – but the love is strong between you!!!"


She replied: "He was pretty shocked, but I'm grateful for his reaction. He said, 'nothing changes,you are still mine.'"

The girl also revealed in the comments that she has no intentions of hunting down her biological father.

Many people could relate and shared that they too had gone through the same thing themselves.

One person shared: "I found out the same thing last year. Talk about the unexpected shock. I still haven't told my 'dad' the news…"

Another said: "Yep. Found out the family that raised me when my mum took off didn't even know I wasn't theirs. It's been a blast. Best of luck."

A third posted: "Difficult thing to cope with, and if your dad did not know hard for him too. Good luck pulling together."

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