'Dutiful, insecure' Prince Harry and 'ambitious, self-obsessed' Meghan Markle are a 'volatile pairing,' expert reveals | The Sun

IN their new Netflix docuseries, Prince Harry has described his relationship with Meghan Markle as a "great love story" that's "just getting started."

But compatibility expert Michelle Bell says that Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, are really a "volatile pairing" that's less "perfect match" than "perfect storm."

On Thursday, Netflix released the second set of episodes in the royal couple's series, Harry & Meghan, which takes viewers through their telling of their relationship.

While Harry and Meghan have presented an us-against-the-world mentality, their astrological signs paint a different picture.

Cosmic Fusion combines your Western zodiac sign, your Chinese element, and your Chinese animal to "create an incredibly unique character profile description of your personality."

The app can offer insight into several areas of your life – including romantic compatibility.

Speaking to The U.S. Sun, founder Michelle Bell revealed how Meghan — a Leo Metal Rooster — and Harry — a Virgo Wood Rat — fare as a couple.

"Make no mistake, the Leo Metal Rooster wants to achieve greatness and they probably will," Michelle said of Meghan's combined sign.

"This is a tough character with a weighty old ego. However, that ego has one massive fault: It can't take criticism. That'll be down to the Leo, as Leos singularly can't take criticism.

"The Metal Rooster is confident as anything, but with Leo in tow, that inherent self-belief of the Metal Rooster is hugely undermined. They'll need to keep this shortcoming under wraps, and if they can manage that, they're destined for greatness."

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A Leo Metal Rooster like Meghan is ambitious and "seriously aspirational," wanting "everything that life has to offer."

"There are many Leos out there who just find it easier to ride someone else's coattails for success, rather than work for it — they're notorious for it — but this character will roll their sleeves up and get down and dirty in order to achieve the aforementioned greatness.

"They're not the warmest of characters and can be quite self-obsessed — their vanity alone would confirm this.

"Lucky for them, they have charisma and charm which conceals their quite single-minded ambition. They won't take any prisoners in their quest for success and recognition. They're impressive, although saddled with that Achilles Heel."

Meanwhile, a Virgo Wood Rat like Prince Harry is "simply lovely, dutiful, conscientious, insecure, and kind," according to Bell.

"They appear to be consummate professionals — calm, cool, assertive, and decisive. They are to some extent, but there’s a different scenario going on inside.

"Beneath that veneer, they’re a real worrier and quite insecure. The Wood Rat's ability to conceal its inherent insecurities is frankly phenomenal."

With the right support and people around them, those insecurities and worries can vanish — but if they're surrounded by people "who can easily manipulate or undermine them," life can be "tricky."

"In their quietly sociable way, they're very ambitious, tenacious, and driven. They're also diligent and conscientious. You really should never underestimate this one. They'll take everyone by surprise. They become more emboldened with every year that passes. They literally become stronger with age."

Together, according to Bell, Harry and Meghan don't have great compatibility, coming in at just 34% in the Cosmic Fusion app.

"The Leo Metal Rooster (Meghan) and Virgo Wood Rat (Harry) are ultimately very incompatible characters. Their core personalities are so contrasting that it is virtually impossible for them to agree with one another," she said.

"You have the strong, determined, and ambitious Leo Metal Rooster, then the weaker, more insecure, and worrisome Virgo Wood Rat.

"The Virgo Wood Rat will eventually resent the sheer strength and determination of the Leo Metal Rooster, they have such a dominant and overpowering exterior, which can take advantage of any insecurities present in the Wood Rat, while masquerading as coming from a caring perspective.

"Leos and Virgos are vastly different. Leos adore the limelight and have to be the center of attention at all times. This is in complete contrast to the understated, studious, and conscientious Virgo. Their beliefs and life goals just don’t align. Similarly, the Metal and Wood element struggle to find common ground.

"Lastly, the Rooster and the Rat are inharmonious with each other.

"Roosters can be quite vain and overbearing (especially when paired with a tough Chinese element — Metal), while Rats can be quite anxious and worrisome signs (especially when paired with a more sensitive Chinese element — Wood).

"Ultimately, this is a volatile pairing. You have one character who leads with their heart (Virgo Wood Rat) and the other who leads with their head (Leo Metal Rooster).

"This pairing is less a perfect match than a perfect storm… given the life circumstances of both parties combined with their inherent characters," she concluded.

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