Fashion blogger blasts ASOS for 'laughing' at plus-sized women with its £30 ballerina fat suit

A FASHION blogger has blasted ASOS on social media and accused the fashion brand of "laughing" at plus-size bodies by selling a ballerina fat suit.

Danielle Vanier, 30, was horrified when she stumbled upon the "ballerina charades" suit which is marketed as "the perfect icebreaker and party game" on the fashion e-tailer.

Sharing pictures of the offensive item with her 15,800 Twitter followers, Danielle addressed the brand directly and wrote: "Erm, ASOS – what is this please?

"Why would you stock something that is clearly marketed towards laughing at a body that looks like mine?"

The £30 game – made by Typo -involves players acting out random scenarios while wearing the inflatable fat suit complete with a ballerina skirt.

Naturally, Danielle's followers were equally as outraged and demanded that the brand remove the fatsuit from the website.

One replied: "Excuse me?! WTF! I can only assume the point of this game is to laugh at 'bigger' people attempting to do ballet moves?!

"Who approves this s***!"

Meanwhile, other fans of ASOS' plus-size fashion range couldn't hide their disappointment.

Another wrote: "They're isolating the customer that only shops at ASOS because the clothes fit well and they're good quality (me). RIP self worth."

A third added: "You sell clothes to bodies that are parodied in this way and have no problem taking our money. Hang your head in shame."

ASOS have since removed the product from the website and thanked fans for the feedback.

A customer service representive tweeted: "As a responsible fashion retailer we're aware of the importance of promoting positive body image so we appreciate your feedback."

Last year, Danielle wrote exclusively for Fabulous Digital about how she believes "thin privilege" is why slim women have "everything easier" while plus-sized women are "fetishised and fat-shamed".

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