First-time mum who struggled to get pregnant is trolled online for ‘holding her baby too much’

A first-time mum has called out "mum shamers" after being trolled online for "holding her baby too much".

Katie Lee Biegel, 39, a TV presenter from the US, gave birth to her first child, Iris, in September after reportedly struggling throughout pregnancy – and has been sharing the journey with her followers.

The Kitchen co-host on Food Network shared a screenshot of a direct message she'd received on Instagram from one of her followers, which detailed a seemingly friendly parenting tip.

It read: "I'm sure you've been told this. She needs time for her back/spine/stomach and muscles to develop … not a 'Karen' just trying to help".

But Katie felt she'd crossed a line and called her out for mum-shaming, later sharing the message on her Instagram stories which have since expired, reports Cafe Mom.

Writing on her stories, Katie said: "Mom shame, much? Not to worry, my baby gets plenty of tummy time, activity time, etc."

But many jumped to the mum's defence saying there's no such thing as "too much".

"I held my baby boy through naps for months!" she wrote. "I was like you, a first time mom who had tried for a baby for years and had a successful career, etc. I was home with him and nursing and I held him almost constantly.”

The fan said that her baby is now 19 months old and "crawled, walked, now sprints and climbs with ease".

She added: “He also sleeps in his own bed through the night even though I never sleep trained, went to him at night every cry, and held him ‘too much.’

"Do what feels right for you. Your baby will let you know when and what they need. You’re doing a great job!”

After receiving the words of encouragement,Katie wrote:"Messages like these are why I love my followers."

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