GHD Air hairdryer review 2019 – under £100 and giving the Dyson Supersonic a run for its money

But, while Dyson's Supersonic is stealing all of the industry airtime (pun intended), GHD's Air hairdryer has taken a back seat.

We've put this hairdryer to the test and rated it based on its performance and price (spoiler alert: it's really good).

But, let's face it, we couldn't help but directly compare it to the Dyson Supersonic…so we've cross-examined the two a little.

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Lest we forget: in a world where hairdresser trips can cost upwards of fifty quid, we should celebrate the fact there are so many high-tech hair tools available to buy.

And, we can assure you, even without the handywork of Helen from Headmasters, you'll be able to achieve a salon-worthy blow dry with the GHD Air.

  • £79.20 from Look Fantastic – buy here
  • £84.15 from Feel Unique – buy here
  • £79.20 from GHD – buy here

What makes the GHD Air different?

They say:

GHD’s Air hairdryer is fitted with a professional-strength motor (this is why decent hairdryers are always heavier) to deliver a high-pressure air flow that dries your hair in half the time.

It’s also developed with iconic technology to reduce frizz and increase shine.

We say:

On the money. This hairdryer really is faster; considerably so.

It’s also surprisingly quiet – something the Dyson Supersonic is sold on – and yet GHD doesn’t boast about that one bit.

But, the real winning factor is just how good it makes your hair look.

Granted, it’s faster, so your hair is inflicted with less damage because it spends less time under the hot blasts.

But, aside from that, I noticed instantly that my hair felt smoother and looked visibly shinier – the moisture was locked in after blow drying. What's more, miraculously, I didn’t need hair oil – and I usually have straw-like strands without help from hydrating products.

Other reviews of the GHD Air have dismissed this ionic technology claim but if you have frizzy hair, you’ll notice a difference for sure.


The cons of this hairdryer? Really trivial stuff.

It’s heavier than the Dyson (big whoop, nothing you can’t handle, and nothing a pair of bingo wings wouldn’t benefit from).

The buttons are quite stiff and hard to manoeuvre, but that would only take a matter of time for you to get used to.

It only has one nozzle, whereas Dyson's has two. In reality, you only need one, because more often that not you forget to switch between the two.

The GHD Air nozzle is also wider than the Dyson's which allows you to dry bigger sections at one time, it's also slim enough to concentrate the airflow and stop your hair from blowing everywhere.

Of course, if you're giving it that initial blast, you can take the attachment off completely to feel the full force of hot air.

What do you get for your money?

This is what is so great about this GHD dryer: the options.

For around £80 you can get the dryer on its own with a smoothing nozzle, and that’s really all you need.

The most basic product comes with:

  1. A range of buttons including two variations on power and heat, as well as a cool shot button to set your hair style.
  2. An extra long, three metre lead – so you can plug it into awkward places and still reach the mirror.
  3. A detachable nozzle which concentrates the pressure and directs airflow – to stop your tresses blowing all over the place and create a smoother, shinier finish by flattening hair follicles.

This hairdryer is compatible with the GHD diffuser (perfect for curly hair) which costs £15 when purchased separately.

Instead of buying extra attachments, a heat mat or hair clips, simply spend £20 more to buy the full GHD Air kit.


The GHD Air is up there with the Dyson Supersonic as one of the 'super' hair dryers.

Despite no claims from GHD whatsoever to have reduced the motor noise, the Air is quieter than your average hairdryer – although you won't be able to watch Netflix while blow drying your hair anytime soon (beauty brands have yet to truly achieve this).

It's faster too, which will not only save you time but save your hair – less time under hot air means decreasing the damage time.

The basic model doesn't come with lots of fancy attachments, but the concentrating nozzle is all you really need to achieve straight hair styles.

If you have frizzy, dry hair, the GHD Air could be your new best friend. The ionic technology really works, locking moisture in and helping hair to look healthier and shinier.

The best thing about this hairdryer is the price, when compared with the £300 plus Dyson Supersonic dryer, it seems like a bargain at under £100.

When factoring in price and performance, this GHD Air gets five stars from us.

Where can I buy the GHD Air?

The GHD Air ranges from £80 – £100 for the basic model, but you can more often than not find discounts on sites like Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

If you need more attachments, it's worth paying more for a kit. The mark up is usually marginal, £20 or so, and yet these items cost upwards of £15 on their own.

Currently, on Look Fantastic , you can pay just £12.79 more and get a ceramic blow-dry brush, diffuser, styling clips and GHD bag thrown in too.

Here are the current deals on the GHD Air:

GHD Air kit

  • £91.99 from Look Fantastic – buy here
  • £103.50 from Feel Unique – buy here
  • £97.20 from GHD – buy here

GHD Air Glacial Blue

  • £99 from Look Fantastic – buy here

GHD Dry and Style set

  • £199 from Look Fantastic – buy here

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