Gucci is selling upside-down glasses for £470 and people are confused

Gucci is known for setting trends – but we’re not sure this is one that will catch on.

The fashion house is selling a pair of upside-down cat’s eye sunglasses – and they’ll set you back £470.

Cat’s eye shapes – rounded at the base and pointed at the side – were popular in the 50s and 60s but have been back in style over the last few years.

But adding their twist, Gucci has inverted the whole shape, with the legs and nose bridge the same way up so the glasses are wearable.

The description on the website says: ‘An unconventional take on the ’50s and ’60s inspired cat eye frames, these sunglasses are presented with an inverted design that created an ‘upside down’ effect.

‘The frames and temples are created using multiple layers of black and white acetate. Enamelled floral details and a petite ‘Gucci’ logo further enrich the design.’

But the unusual design has left shoppers a little confused and some have mocked the style on social media.

One said: ‘Gucci why are we doing this.’

Another added: ‘Somebody come look at this… Gucci took some glasses, turned them upside down, and slapped a $755 price tag on it. I f**king can’t with this year anymore.’

Others posted pictures of themselves wearing their own glasses upside down

Even Specsavers teased the high-end fashion brand about the glasses, posting: ‘Hi @gucci, we need to talk.’

It followed up with a picture of the glasses turned upside down and said: ‘Fixed them.’

We have contacted Gucci for comment and will update this article if they respond.

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