Guys said I wasn't their 'type' – I lost 60 pounds and now they want to 'catch up' but I say 'no thanks' | The Sun

A DISCIPLINED woman has revealed the results of her hard work and dedication to her body.

She shared that after she lost weight, men who once rejected her are now lining up to be her beau.

Rebe Dugarte (@rebedugart) shared a pic of herself prior to embarking on her weight loss journey in a video posted to TikTok.

In the picture, she could be seen wearing a light blue one-piece swimsuit with her hair tied up.

"You are not my type," text over the video read, reflecting comments she received from men at the time.

She also showed herself all dressed up and celebrating her birthday.

"You are a great friend," more text read.

Next, Rebe showed herself looking dramatically different while breaking a sweat in the gym.

The statements from men changed after the clear weight loss.

"You look amazing," read text on the screen.

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"We should catch up," more text read. "I've always like[d] you."

According to Rebe, some men even went as far as to try to reignite a relationship with her.

"Can we try again?" the text read.

She revealed that their chances are long gone and she's moved on from the past.

"Thanks, but no thanks," she replied in text over the video.

Rebe detailed her health journey in the caption of the video.

"Never judge someone because of their looks," she said, revealing she'd dropped a whopping 60 pounds.

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