Holiday Packing Guide: What's in One Pregnant Editor's Suitcase

Who: Andrea Lavinthal, Style + Beauty Director

Destination: Sea Island, Georgia

I hate packing. It stresses me out so much that I start two weeks before my trip by putting an open suitcase in the corner of my bedroom and randomly throwing in items that I think I might need as they pop into my head. Around day 10, I edit down the pile by creating head-to-toes outfits (including accessories) for every day I’m away. Then, I add in essentials like underwear (always pack two extra pairs because you just never know) and set aside what I’m wearing on the plane. While time-consuming, this strategy is the only one that prevents me from making an emergency stop at the local mall because I packed six tops but no pants (true story).

This holiday trip to Sea Island, GA with my boyfriend’s family presents an extra packing challenge: I’m seven months pregnant and we have everything from cookie decorating with the kids to a black tie dinner on the itinerary, so I need to bring clothes that are comfortable and chic. After careful consideration of every piece in my maternity wardrobe, here’s what’s making it into my suitcase:

Buy It! Enza Costa Long Sleeve Slit Maxi Dress, $282; 

My favorite maternity dress isn’t technically a maternity dress. But the knit fabric (a super-soft cotton cashmere blend) is so stretchy that it fits easily over a third trimester bump. I can wear it with sneakers and a denim jacket during the day or dress it up with boots and a blazer at night.

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Buy It! HATCH The Ricky Slip Dress, $278;

I panicked when I found out that we were going to a black tie dinner on New Year’s Eve since I don’t own any maternity eveningwear and it seems silly to buy something just for one night. I think I can get away with this navy slip dress if I pair it with sparkly jewelry and some embellished heels.

Buy It! Veronica Beard Scuba Jacket, $750;

This blazer (and the zip-in hoodie dickey) is the MVP of my closet and even though it no longer closes over my stomach, I’m still wearing it this far into my pregnancy to upgrade any outfit.

Buy It! SPANX Mama Faux Leather Leggings, $110;

These are the maternity version of my all-time favorite leggings and I wear them at least once a week. They’re comfortable and the faux-leather finish makes you look like a badass.

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Buy It! Storq Button-Up Shirt, $98;

It’s really hard to find a button-down shirts that fits over a bump, but still looks tailored. This one checks both boxes and goes with everything in my suitcase.

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