How much does a wedding cost in the UK?

WEDDINGS are a wonderful opportunity to share a special momentwith friends and family.

But they can be pretty expensive too, so it's a good idea to know what you could be facing and how to save some money.

How much does a wedding cost in the UK?

Whether you're looking to have hundreds of people and a big band or a small, simple ceremony, it's likely there'll be hidden costs you haven't thought about.

A survey of 2,000 couples by Hitched found the average cost that couples spent on various parts of the wedding, and some of the figures are pretty eye-watering.

Here's a breakdown of the things you'll likely need to spend money on to make the big day complete, and their average price.


This is arguably the most important expenditure, no venue = no wedding.


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Those surveyed spent an average of £7,600 on venue hire, which is pretty hefty, but will likely be the main outlay for the event.


This is another fairly vital part of the event. You could ask your mates, but as the revelry begins, the quality of their photography will likely suffer.

£1,200 was spent on getting professional snaps, understandable, as you don't want a memento of the happiest day of your life destroyed by dodgy camerawork.


A whopping £1,300 was spent on the wedding dress.

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Though facing that sort of price, many will be happy to have the dress be their "something borrowed".

Groom's attire

Slightly less was spent on the groom, with £500 spent.


A wedding wouldn't be complete with a massive spread, and people spare no expense, with catering came in at around £65.

Bridal hair

Your wedding is definitely not the time to have a bad hair day.

But around £80 was splashed on getting the do done, a reasonable expenditure given how much photographic evidence there will be.

Bridal makeup

Make up came in at £70, but you – may – only get married once, so why not splash out if like wearing it.

How much have weddings in the UK gone up

The amount spent on weddings has changed quite dramatically over the years.

Compare Wedding Insurance analysed the average amount spent on weddings over time based on wedding insurance policies bought via their comparison table.

They found that average spend in 2006 – excluding a honeymoon – was £15,773.

This rose to £17,273in 2008.

This was followed by a steep drop, with a dip in spending after the financial crisis of 2008, and the average spend dropped to £11,441 in 2012.

But it rose to £14,425 in 2017 and the average for 2021/22 weddings is now £20,493.

How can you save money on a wedding?

There are various way you can save some dosh on your nuptials if you're operating on a budget, and it doesn't mean the moment will be any less special.

You can find a handy explainer featuring tips from a wedding planner on how not to waste money here.

Here are a few simple ideas that could help you dramatically bring down the cost

Vintage wedding dress

People are getting married all the time and there are a huge number of beautiful used dresses looking for a new home.

Consider getting one second hand rather than splashing out on something you may not use again.

They can be found easily in online marketplaces and charity shops.

Cut the cake

Enormous multi-tier cakes are a staple of expensive, glamourous weddings, but is it really what you want to eat on the day?

If not, there are various low cost alternatives that don't have a price tag that'll have you shouting 'crumbs!'

Consider a smaller cake, and surround it with smaller eats for a cheaper and more varied treat table.

Weekday wedding

Wedding season has its pinch points, and getting that venue locked in for a summer day on Saturday could come at a premium.

Why not try a weekday instead, like a Friday.

Doing so with enough notice will give you guests the chance to book it off and have a nice long weekend, and you might find you save yourself a tidy sum in the process.

Go online

Mailed invitations are traditional, but it's also expensive and bad for the environment.

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Why not consider sending free, digital invites to your nearest and dearest instead?

It's a really simple way to easily cut your costs, and may leave you more to spend on things you really care about.

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