How to save money at Christmas Markets this year

But with so much to explore, prices can really start adding up. Here are our top tips for saving money on your festive break.

What are the best tips for saving money at Christmas markets?

1. Visit during the week

People tend to plan their trips for the weekend, but this can make flights and hotels much more expensive.

Use a comparison website to find the best flight or ferry options, or sort everything out at the same time with a package deal.

Book as early as possible to get the best price.

2. Don't be scared to haggle

Most Christmas markets are cash-only, so vendors may be willing to barter.

Not sure how? Quote another price you've seen, or ask if they'll consider a bulk discount if you're buying for friends and family.

Make sure you've familiarised yourself with the exchange rate. You'll also gain more respect if you've got a grip on the local language.

3. After enjoying a hot drink, remember to return your mug

When buying mulled wine or cider, you usually have to pay for the Christmassy mug it comes in.

What you may not know is that this is actually a deposit, so if you hand it back to the vendor they'll give you a refund.

Bear this in mind before absentmindedly (or drunkenly) leaving your cup on a table.

4. Be clever with the foods you buy

Don't try to sample everything going. Instead, swap your beer and sausage for something a little different.

You're going abroad to experience something new, so what's the point in spending money on foods you can eat back home?

You'll almost definitely find stalls selling unusual meats and fancy festive drinks.

5. Be prepared

As previously mentioned, it's worth getting yourself up to speed with the exchange rate.

Most markets don't have cash machines, so withdraw the money you think you'll need before you head in – and don't return for more.

Travellers can lock in a foreign exchange rate for a trip before Christmas by adding currency to a prepaid card.

6. Stick to a strict budget

This is actually easier than it sounds, thanks to the fact that you'll have to sort your cash out in advance.

Steer clear of impulse buying – make a list of things you're after and stick to it.

Avoid buying presents that you could find for less money in the UK, and stop and think before nabbing a novelty item for yourself.

Are you getting swept up in the moment? Will you still appreciate it when you've returned home?

Half the fun of a Christmas market is soaking up the atmosphere, so you can still have a brilliant time without overspending.

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