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WHETHER you're a new mum or a seasoned pro, it can still be overwhelming to know exactly what your baby needs.

One issue parents have is not knowing if their child is too hot or too cold, but we have the answers.

Sophie Pickles, Parent Coach and Early Years Expert, tells Fabulous: "Babies can't sweat and regulate their temperature like we can."

So it's important to pay attention to their surroundings, as well as what they're wearing.

How to know if your baby's too hot

Sophie says: "You can tell your baby's temperature by placing two fingers on their chest or back. 

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"If they feel hotter than usual or clammy, then you know they are too warm."

Other ways to tell your baby is too hot:

  • damp hair
  • flushed cheeks 
  • mottled skin (heat rash)
  • restlessness 

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What should they wear to bed?

To dress your baby for bed in the heat, Sophie says to think about the temperature of the room they are sleeping in and then choose accordingly.

"It's always better to underdress than overdress in the heat so if in doubt, go for fewer layers," says Sophie

A cold baby will cry to tell you they need an extra layer, like a thick blanket or sheet, Sophie explains.

"But a baby that's too warm will continue to sleep as they become dangerously hot, unable to warn you," she says.

How to dress according to the weather

15-18° (normal temperature): vest, sleepsuit and 2.5 tog sleeping bag or sleepsuit and one tog sleeping bag.

18-22° (warmer than normal): vest and one tog sleeping bag or cellular blanket in a single layer.

23-25° (hot room): vest and 0.5 tog sleeping bag, or just a vest if you feel baby is too warm.

25°+: either a short-sleeved vest or just a nappy

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Sophie says: "Use your discretion and check your baby's temperature throughout the night.

"Do this by touching their skin and looking for signs that they are too hot or cold, adding or taking layers away accordingly."

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