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It’s time to level up your lounge and deck out your dining room.

As our attention turns to festive get-togethers, take your Christmas adventures back home for entertaining with the Dacia Jogger seven-seater family car.

Get lit

Candles of various shapes are a sure-fire way to add class to your dining table.

Search Etsy for small sellers, or for a real show stopper we love Orna Hand Painted Candles with festive designs.

Tree-mendous garland

If you have last year’s wreath or a base, repurpose it to make a front door showpiece – you can forage in your local woods for exciting upgrades.

Conkers, pine cones and berries all add a winter touch.

Nifty napkins

Plain napkins? Add glamour by tying the middle with soft velvet bows in festive hues – it’ll take them from basic to brilliant!

Or, try naturally dyeing white napkins with food items such as beetroot.

Better be-leaf it

Eucalyptus packs a punch – the oil is a multi-purpose must-have with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, so infuse your home with health-supporting benefits and a delightful scent.

Glow up

If you’ve got any posh jars left over, don’t throw them away. Clean and recycle them or fill them with wildflowers.

Your festive candles can go on to become beautiful vases once clean.

Fold is beautiful

Add colour and fun this winter by using 100 per cent paper decorations such as stars, trees and fans, which can last for years to come and be used for parties during Christmas and beyond.

Fairy good idea

Fill glass lanterns or big vases with LED twinkle lights and place them around your driveway, hallway or fireplace, or line your stairs to add a magical touch to your festive decorations.

The Dacia Jogger seven-seater family car

Whatever your adventure, the all-new seven-seater Dacia Jogger will take you there.

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