I bought a returns pallet and got a 3D printer, karaoke machine and loads of lamps worth £6,000

A COUPLE from the UK, bought an Amazon return pallet and were shocked by the number of goodies they found inside.

Tom and his partner Moon, purchased the box online and had no idea what items it would include.

When buying returns pallets, there is no guarantee that the products will be in working condition, so it’s always a risk.

Return pallets can vary in price and while most cost around £300 Tom didn't state how much he paid for his in the video uploaded to his YouTube account, Toms Boxes.

Tom said: "There's £6,000 worth of customer returns in this pallet and we are going to open it right now."

The first item Tom pulled out was an electric car charge worth £100, two boxes of self-watering plant pots that retail for £16, and two giant pregnancy pillow that retails for £49.99.


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Although the haul was already off to a strange start, the items seemed to get more and more random.

Tom and Moon found five brake bleeder kits each worth £16.99 and two engine compression kits worth £43.99.

The box also included two woven boxes that sell for £15.99, a karaoke speaker and microphone, which retail for £100, and another speaker worth £80.

Although there was no bean bag in the box, the lucky couple did get an entire bag filled with bean bag filler, thankfully they also found five cordless vacuum cleaners to clean up the bean bag beads.

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Tom and Moon even bagged a lot of personal care items, which included four electric neck warmers worth £29.99 each, an LED light-up mirror worth £35.99, and three water flossers worth £79.

And if the couple fancied going on a bike ride, their pallet definitely sorted them out with eleven bike GPS computers worth £39.99 each, bike shoes worth £59.90, and an electric fabric cutter worth £80.

The couple now has the chance to have matching lamps in each room of their house after bagging five Kyymit table lamps worth £26.99.

They're also fully prepped for a picnic after getting an insulated picnic bag worth £21.99, perfect for the summer months,and a Kishi to connect Xbox games to your phone worth £54.99.

Most impressive of all though was the three 3D printers the couple found in the return box, each worth over £250.

In total, the box was worth £6,000 although it isn't clear whether everything in the box is in working order.

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