I bought an ASOS haul of size 18 trousers & was stunned at what I got – the difference in sizes was ridiculous | The Sun

SHE wanted a cute new pair of trousers, so decided to try her luck on ASOS.

But Alice was left more than a little disappointed by what arrived in her size 18 haul.

She took to TikTok to document her try on, and showed the "unbelievable" difference in sizes.

"Right, ok. I have just tried on a load of size 18 trousers from ASOS," Alice began.

"And not only did not one of these many many many pairs look even vaguely good, but let me show you the difference between some of the sizes because it’s just unbelievable."

She kicked off with a pair of light purple trousers, as she said: "These are apparently a size 18.

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"They are the ASOS own brand and they don’t even come close to doing up."

Alice then tried on another pair of trousers from the same ASOS collection, which were massively too big round the waist.

"I actually do really love these but you could genuinely fit three of me in here if you really tried," she laughed, as she pulled the waistband out.

"I have ordered these in the size down though so hopefully they’ll be good."

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Last, "but not least", Alice tried on a pair of size 18 trousers from Topshop's plus size range.

Modelling the pants, she showed how incredibly long the legs were, as she pulled the waistband up above her bust.

"Remind me to just be naked in future," she captioned her video.

"The last one shows my biggest hate: closes in bigger sizes just getting longer and not really wider," one person commented on the video.

"I‘m only 1,60m and it’s so hard some times."

"Mad. I'm a 16 at Matalan and a 20+ at H&M, I should be an 18," another said.

As a third wrote: "I bought 3 pairs of jeans today.

"Granted they are different styles and brands. One size 10, one 12, one 14…"

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While someone else raged: "I’m a 18. Bought dress from simply be.

"Supposedly plus size company. I’d have needed a size 24 to fit."

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