I bought the cheapest dehumidifier from Argos to help with my damp house – here's how it went | The Sun

AMID the cost of living crisis, we're all trying to keep our heating off to reduce our energy bills.

But doing so can often mean that any dampness in houses gets worse – leading to an increase in mould.

So one woman decided to try reducing the amount of moisture in her house by getting the cheapest dehumidifier with the biggest capacity from Argos.

She took to her Duchess of Thrift TikTok page to share a look at how the machine was doing, and just how much water it had collected in just four hours.

"This is the one I got," she said.

"It’s the Challenge, from Argos.

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How much does it cost to run a dehumidifier?

"Let me show you, it was on for four hours, it’s a 10 litre capacity and it’s nearly full.

"So all that moisture is just sitting on the walls and in the windows of the house, and that’s with me wiping my windows down and having damp traps."

She added that she was hoping that the dehumidifier would help with her doors, which had swollen due to absorbing moisture, and the mould they've got in some areas of their home.

"Last winter, even with the heating on, we had to wipe his wall down with bleach to get rid of that so I’m hoping that doesn’t reoccur," she said.

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"I do have the windows open and have damp traps, but without the heating on, I’ve been really worried about all of the doors swelling up, and ending up with more mould in the house.

"So hopefully it works, because the amount of moisture that’s in that in four hours.

"If I’m honest I’m a little bit disturbed by how much water it’s collected in that short space of time.

"Honestly, I’m in a state of shock."

"Dehumidifiers are great," one person commented on the video.

"Once you run a dehumidifier at night, there is no moisture on the windows and it dries the clothes, best thing I ever bought," another added.

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"I wondered why 2 of my doors have been stiff to open/close!!" a third commented.

To which the woman replied: "Yes, mine have got really bad they are like weetabix absorbing all the moisture."

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