I clocked a bargain deal in Boots so cleared the shelves of all my local stores and then made £2k in a day – here’s how | The Sun

A MAN has revealed that he clocked a bargain deal in Boots, so cleared the shelves of all his local stores.

Luke (@lukeflips.fba), a full-time Amazon FBA seller explained that he spotted an Oral-B cut-price electric toothbrush on the Boots website, so went his local town and filled up two cars of the bargain buys.

After this, he then explained that he sold the cheap toothbrushes on Amazon, making a whopping £2,000 worth of profit in just a day.

He shared his clip on TikTok with the caption ‘Quick £2k. Retail arbitrage king.’

He then explained: “Let me show you how I made £2,000 profit off of electric toothbrushes. 

“I bought so many, I had to bring two cars.

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“As you can see here, Boots are currently running an offer, where they’re selling this toothbrush for £50.

“The only stipulation is you’ve got to buy it in store because they have order limits online.

“So as you can see here I am finding all the local stores near me and I will head there and buy stock.

“As you can see on the Amazon listing, it sells for £95.

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“Remember I can buy it for £50, so after Amazon fees, I make around £20 profit per unit.

“The monthly sales are shown here, they sell 150 times a month.

“I ended up buying 100 of these from different Boots stores, making me £2,000.” 

Luke shared his clip just four days ago, but it has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up 67.2k views.

It has 2,705 likes, 113 comments and 94 shares.

Social media users were left divided at Luke’s clip – while some thought it was unfair that he bought so many, others thought that it was a great way of making money.

Meanwhile, many others wanted to know more about his savvy side hustle. 

One person said: “Now I know why Boots never has anything in stock.” 

Another added: “It ain't guaranteed they’ll sell but if they do that’s good profit.” 

A third commented: “Smashed it.” 

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Meanwhile, someone else asked: “How do I put products as this on Amazon and what about shipping?” to which Luke explained “Need a seller central account. You send the toothbrushes into Amazon.”

Also, another person noted: “Seems a lot of work going to all those stores to then sell for £2k profit” to which Luke replied “1 day of work for £2k profit is a lot of work?” 

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