I convinced my boyfriend to have sex while sky-diving – but we ended up in A&E when he forgot to open his parachute

A COUPLE who had sex while sky-diving have revealed how they ended up in hospital after he forgot to open his parachute.

William and Leslie had been together for little over a year when they decided to take part in a high risk romp.

Speaking on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to ER, William sais: “I’m an adrenaline junkie and she’s an adrenanline junkie in training and she loves it and I love it.”

Leslie admits that she’s “very sexually active” and all it takes is for William to look at her to get her in the mood.

“When it comes to sex I come up with all the ideas, I come up with a lot of different ways to have sex,” she says.

So when the couple decided to take part in a skydive, Leslie could think of no better time to join the mile high club.

“She knows better than to throw a challenge at me,” William says, “Her desire immediately becomes my desire to fulfill.”

The couple spend their flight kissing to get them in the mood, before throwing themselves out of a plane.

While having sex in midair may seem tricky, Leslie was confident that they would have no trouble.

She explains: “Since we were both wearing baggy shorts I thought we would just be able to connect without a hassle.”

And she was right, and the couple fulfill their wildest fantasies mid air, but their love making quickly takes a wrong turn.

William says: “We’re having sex, we’re making love, the next time I look at the timer it hits me, we’re in trouble.”

Realising how close they are to the ground William deploys Leslie’s parachute before releasing his own, which flies up and hits him in the face leaving him in immense pain as he reaches the ground.

“When I saw him on the ground the first thought I had was ‘he’s dead’,” Leslie recalls.

With a searing pain in his groin, William is worried about the future of his sex life.

Not only might I be done skydiving I might be done pleasing my woman.

“Not only might I be done skydiving I might be done pleasing my woman,” he says.

The couple head straight to A&E where doctors confirm that, luckily, the only thing broken is William’s nose.

The severe bruising on his groin does mean that William will have to lay off getting laid for a few weeks.

“Once he tells her, little buddy’s ok, I just need some rest, that was a big relief,” he says.

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