I did a client’s full face of make-up for her passport photo… trolls say security won’t recognise her but I don’t care | The Sun

IT'S the beauty trend that took over our social media feeds last year – the viral passport make-up.

Determined to look her best for the passport snap, one woman forked out over £145 to have her make-up done professionally – but people on TikTok aren't so impressed.

The anonymous woman, from the sunny coasts of Australia, booked an appointment with Sherree Morris (@sherreemorris) who shared the transformation online.

In the now-viral video, which has been viewed more than a whopping 2.5million times in just one day, the beauty pro started by giving the client a glam eye make-up look.

Once she had completed that with a set of fluttery falsies, Sherree moved onto the face base.

This, she demonstrated, consisted of a heavy layer of foundation, powder, fake freckles, blush, highlighter and contour for the desired snatched effect.

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Posing with a curly hairdo, the stunner showed off the final look, as Sherree asked the viewers if they liked this: ''YAY OR NAY?''

But perhaps much to her surprise, it seems that for social media users the answer was a resounding ''NAY''.

Here, many said that whilst the final make-up was beautiful, it was simply far too much and the woman looked nothing like what she did before.

Some even said she'd face troubles at the airport, with one chuckling: ''Cool idea… but she won’t pass the face scan cuz she isn’t flying like this will most likely cause delays.''

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Another agreed, writing: ''And then TSA doesn’t let her through.''

''In my country they will tell you to go wash it up and tie all your hair back. No earrings either,'' someone else penned.

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''Imagine they don’t let back over the borders,'' a fourth commented.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Aussie make-up whizz has taken the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons – recently trolls slammed her for charging a fortune.

Looking to promote her work, the Brisbane-based beauty enthusiast uploaded a transformation video of a client, who paid more than £80 for a glam look.

The Before and After video has gone viral on TikTok, racking up 1.1million views in less than a day, and sees Sherree applying layers of make-up.

Here, she started off with a cut crease of light shimmer and carefully carved-out brows before adding fluttery falsies.

This was finished with an Instagram-ready base of foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, as well as contour to give the face more definition.

Proud of what she had created, the Aussie then went out to see if the viewers agreed with her.

However, the opinion in the comments section was slightly different to what she had hoped for – it seems many reckoned the final result was a rip-off and she had charged too much.

Seeing the glam look, one troll thought: ''Yeah naw…the most id pay is $75 (£40).''

Another added: ''Wow 180$ in my country this would be 50€ (£43).''

''I’m sorry what !'' a third was baffled.

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However, despite being slammed online, Sherree also had found herself new fans, some of which thought she had every right to ask for that much cash.

One supportive viewer dashed to comments to say: ''When people will finally understand that there is more than just makeup cost and hourly to a price, the world will be a better place.''

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