I divorced my gaslighting husband – it took me 10 years to get over him but now I'm happier than ever with someone new

A DIVORCEE has opened up about her tough split from the husband who gaslighted her for years, before she finally plucked up the courage to leave him. 

Since then, the mum-of-one has rebuilt her life and found her happy ending with a new partner – but she revealed she almost pushed him away due to being taunted by her painful past. 

The anonymous woman, who used the name Gina in her heartfelt interview with New Zealand’s Capsule website for their Divorce Diaries series, explained that when she first met her ex, he was the definition of the perfect guy.

He complimented her and she fell head over heels, with their relationship becoming seemingly unbreakable.

But as their romance developed and Gina fell pregnant with the couple’s first child, her husband slowly but surely transformed into someone else in front of her eyes.

She told Capsule: “The gaslighting happened really fast. He started off by saying, ‘Oh my God, I’ve met this dream person,’ and then on the other side of that, everything would go quiet.

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“There were these long periods of absolute silence, like I had failed to live up to his expectations and needed to be punished. 

“It’s such extreme, opposite behaviour that it makes you go, ‘Where the hell did this person go?’”

Things became so awful that Gina began to withdraw from her friends and family after her partner told her that it was all in her head.

She continued to tell the New Zealand website: “You start to think that you’re the one that’s going crazy, even though you know in your gut that you’re not just dreaming.

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“But you’re being told by the person you trust the most that you are going crazy. You start to doubt your own sanity.”

After she gave birth, things went from bad to worse and Gina was later diagnosed with Postnatal Depression.

But with hindsight on her side, Gina now maintains that she was experiencing issues due to being emotionally manipulated throughout their relationship. 

While she initially found it too difficult to confide in anyone about what she was going through, Gina went on to leave her ex and start a fresh chapter.  

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After attending various therapies for ten years, Gina now feels like she’s firmly left him in the past and is dedicated to her new life with her new partner.

She concluded: “The partner that I have now, he’s so amazing.

“But I just about let him go, because he was so nice and I was so used to being treated like s**t; I hadn’t healed completely.”

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