I forked out for a nose job to change my face but people say I looked better before – they’re the Pincocchios, not me | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has insisted that whoever says she looked better before getting a nose job is a liar.

It was 2021 when TikTok user Sorcha Jane Farnan (@sorchajanefarnan), from Manchester, decided she was finally ready to transform her face with a nose job.

Sharing the journey with her 68.4k followers, Sorcha explained that she had run into a bookcase when she was just three and had hated the nose ever since.

''It wasn't too bad… But you know when you're insecure about something, no matter what anyone says you're still going to hate it.''

The process, the 22-year-old bravely opened up on TikTok, was not for the faint-hearted, as at some point her eyes filled up with blood and she couldn't see a thing.

To help the severe swelling and bruising, the young acting student also had to sleep with a cold compress on her forehead.


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At some point, Sorcha wasn't even sure if she was allowed to sneeze, as she was worried that would ruin the progress and make the ''horrid nose'' return again.

After the surgery, the woman, who got the nose job as a present on her 21st birthday, was recommended to consume soup with a straw.

'' [It] was a bit grim but it did the job.''

However, it seems that despite Sorcha loving the new nose, the efforts haven't paid off, as mean trolls on social media insisted they preferred what she looked like before.

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One commented: ''People need to stop getting these out of vanity. U looked 100000x better before.''

Someone else agreed, adding: ''But your nose was so perfect.''

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But in the 22-year-old's eyes, these people are all liars – she jokingly described them as Pinocchios.

Hitting back at all the meanies, the young woman said: ''I don’t think they mean any harm by it but it’s like I just paid 5k for this nose keep your comments to yourself.''

Fortunately, there was also heaps of support, as many said she was beautiful no matter what.

One kind TikTok viewer wrote: ''stunning!! I had mine this year and it was amazingggg [sic].''

Another penned: ''your nose looks so adorable and it fits so well with you!''

''Beautiful! Needed this! Getting my nose job in December and I’m terrified,'' a third had seen the videos just in time.

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