I found a dupe of a posh Whistles dress in a supermarket – it’s so similar but £80 cheaper | The Sun

WE’VE all been in a position where we’ve spotted an amazing outfit in a shop and thought about buying it – only to see the price tag.

But one fashion fan has revealed how she bagged her dream dress after spotting an almost identical one in the supermarket for a whopping £80 cheaper than the one on her wish list.

TikTok user Laurie Alyce Adventures revealed to her followers that she was the proud owner of a pink Whistles dress that cost her £97.

However, when she was browsing the clothing section in Tesco, Laurie spotted an almost identical gown that was slightly longer – for only £17.

The fashionista, who can be found at @lauriealyceadventures, shared a post in which she held up both dresses to the camera to show how similar they look, with the only noticeable difference being their length.

She then wrote: “When the £17 Tesco dress is made of the literal exact same fabric as the £97 Whistles dress.”

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Laurie then asked her followers: “Can you tell the difference and which do you prefer?”

After she shared the posts, the social media user was inundated with comments from fellow fashion fans saying they thought they looked exactly the same. 

One wrote: “I can’t tell which is which…”

A second said: “When I first saw you wearing the Whistles one, I had JUST bought the Tesco one and was so confused!”

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The fashion lover then shared how she loved the slightly longer Tesco style.

She wrote: “Tesco and Sainsbury’s clothing departments honestly slay.”

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Others also agreed that they loved the budget supermarket version better.

One wrote: “I prefer the long one! Please tell me it’s the Tesco one.” While another person added: “Long one is much nicer.”

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