I found a Louis Vuitton bag for £3.50 in a charity shop – it’s such a bargain but trolls have spotted something wrong | The Sun

CHARITY shop queen Francesca thought she’d bagged a bargain after spotting a Louis Vuitton bag at a charity shop, but trolls said there was a big problem with it. 

Francesca, who calls herself ‘Your Thrifting Bestie’, was over the moon when she spied the designer bag sitting on a shelf for just £3.50. 

The TikTok user was so excited, she posted her discovery online. 

In the video, points her camera at the bag and picks it up to show off its snazzy design up close. 

“I found a Louis Vuitton bag for £3.50 in the charity shop!” she exclaims.

Lifting the bag off the shelf, Francesca holds it by the tan brown handles and rotates it in front of the camera. 

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The piece boasts the classic Louis Vuitton print and classy brown hues.

To the naked eye, it looks like a steal. But Francesca’s sceptical followers have other thoughts. 

Francesca asks: “What?! Do you think it’s legit??”

Taking to the comments, one user said: “One side should be upside down…”

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A second judgemental TikTokker replied: “Not real, can tell with the stitching.”

And a third rudely commented: “All the way from Turkey.” 

Francesca was having none of it, though. She replied: “Not always… people find expensive things in charity shops.” 

While most people claimed the bag was a fake and not worth the purchase, other users had a more positive attitude. 

“I bought an MK bag in a charity shop for £6 in new condition. I don’t think for one minute it’s real but who cares. It still looks good and I love a bargain,” shared one. 

“Real or not… it’s beautiful,” commented another. 

“I got a brand new MK bag for £10 and it was genuine. I was shocked and it’s the best buy I’ve ever found,” exclaimed another.

Francesca, who goes by the username Francescacharityshop, has racked up an impressive 56,000 followers on TikTok. 

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