I found my dream wedding dress in a charity shop for £20 – it was perfect on and I'm so happy | The Sun

FOR many brides, finding the perfect wedding dress can be an expensive part of the budget.

However one woman showed how you may just pick up your ideal gown second hand at a charity shop, for as little as £20.

TikTok user Jules shared how she found a jaw-dropping gown, and it fitted like a glove.

On her @user6391846291 account, she wrote: “I’m so happy, look at the wedding dress I found at Goodwill.”

The wedding dress had small straps and embellishments over the bodice and train.

She added that it was priced at $25 (£20) and she was shocked when she found it.

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Jules added: “felt so perfect on too.”

Many people gushed over the bargain find. 


Another added: “I had that same exact dress for my wedding in 2003.”

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And many people said that even if she doesn’t use it for a wedding dress, it could still be a good purchase.

One suggested: “omgggg if you wanted you could dye it and wear it to a school dance or something.”

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