I gave birth to a baby girl but my sister & I could both actually be her mum – we couldn’t believe it when we found out | The Sun

HAVING A TWIN means you're born with a best friend for life.

Most twins grow up doing and sharing everything together, from friends to clothes and even toys.

But one set of identical twins were left stunned when they found out these weren't the only things they shared.

Sam and Alex Steffes, from the US, often share their lives as mum and aunt ever since Sam gave birth to her daughter, Giada.

In one TikTok video, the identical twins revealed they were stunned when they realised both of them could be considered Giada's mum.

Sam said: "When you think about how you carried and gave birth to this baby, but you are both genetically considered her mum."


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"That’s mind-blowing to me. Identical twin problems," she captioned the post.

It turns out that identical twins share so much of the same DNA because they were created in the same egg that when they have kids it's impossible to tell who the parent is through DNA testing.

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The UK DNA Diagnostic Centre revealed: "For identical twins, their DNA is as you would expect: exactly the same.

"Even with the most advanced technology available today, it would still be impossible in any practical or affordable way to genetically differentiate between the two fathers for paternity purposes."

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That means children of identical twins genetically appear to be more like half-siblings than cousins.

The video soon went viral with over two million views and people were stunned by the revelation.

One wrote: "Wait…so if your sister ever wanted to have kids would they genetically be your daughter’s siblings?"

Sam replied: "Half siblings! DNA-wise, it would be like they have the same mom but different dads."

Another commented: "That is so insane."

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