I gave birth to an 11lb baby without an epidural because I'm allergic – I'm tiny and it hurt like hell

A WOMAN has shared how it “hurt like hell” pushing out her 11-pound baby without an epidural for pain relief. 

TikTok user Chasity Ward, who posts under @thatcraftmom, shared photos of how her newborn tot looked after birth. 

Speaking on TikTok, Chasity said: “Y’all want to see a big baby?

“Here’s a big a** baby I pushed out no epidural all because I’m allergic and it hurt like hell.

She added in the caption: “These are all taken when we were in the hospital, she was way bigger than they thought and I’m tiny.”


Chasity admitted in video comments that she “screamed her lungs out” when she gave birth to her daughter, who weighed 11lb 1oz when she was born at 41 weeks. 

People were shocked when they saw the baby snaps, with one saying: “Girl I am hurting for you!!!!”

Another added: “Super woman.”

A third commented: “Girl u strong…..congratulations.”

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