I gave my son a traditional name with a unique spelling – I think I’ve made a mistake, everyone keeps getting it wrong | The Sun

CHOOSING a name for your child is undeniably difficult – after all, you want a name that you and your child will love. 

While some parents will go down the traditional route, others will choose a slightly more unique name for their newborn. 

One mum has faced the consequences of giving her child a common name, but with a unique spelling.

The anonymous parent took to online forum Reddit to explain her situation, as she revealed she fears she made a mistake with the spelling of her son’s name.

She admitted that she feels as if she's made "life complicated" by naming her son Nicolas rather than Nicholas.

Sharing her concerns online, the anonymous parent captioned the post: "Did I make a mistake?"

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She explained: "We just named our son Nicolas, and I chose that spelling.

"Now I have found a lot of people misspelling it as Nicholas, and I have had to correct spelling at the doctor's office a few times too.

"Did I make his life complicated by choosing the spelling that I did?

"My name is missing a letter at the end, and I’ve had to correct spelling my whole life, so I would have liked to avoid that for him”. 

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Seeking advice from people online, many Reddit users were keen to put the concerned mum at ease – with several sharing personal experiences of their own.

One user assured: "I would compare this to Steven vs Stephen. Neither are unusual spellings and both are correct. You didn’t make a mistake."

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A second added: "I find that no matter what your name is, you will be correcting people throughout your life. If not in spelling, then in pronunciation. 

“It's just part of life, he will be fine!" 

Someone else wrote: "My husband's name is Nicolas and I love the small uniqueness in such a timeless name. 

“He corrects people especially doctors and just regular paperwork but it's not that bothersome. He loves his name!"

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A fourth said: "It’s just a name with two legit spellings. I wouldn’t freak out, both Nicholas and Nicolas rank in the top 200.

"While Nicholas is about twice as popular, they are both well accepted”.

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